Mobile devices are a goldmine of opportunity

Mobile Friendly Web Design is a must. Over the last decade, the use of Smartphones has exploded. Manufacturers are constantly making mobile devices more powerful and versatile, and users have become accustomed to accessing information at any time of the day, no matter where they are. If you look on any city bus during a peak commuting time, you are sure to see a large number of passengers using their Smartphones to send emails, read their social media feeds and browse the Internet.

After several years of steadily catching up, Internet use on mobile devices now exceeds Internet use on desktop and laptop computers. 51% of online total online hours are now accessed from Smartphones and tablets, as well as emerging technologies like Smartwatches. 2Marketing offers mobile web design for Toronto businesses wanting to get an edge in the mobile world.


Mobile advertising that yields results

Although the use of mobile devices is growing at a meteoric rate, mobile advertising expenditures are still lagging behind. Businesses are starting to adjust their strategies to include marketing plans targeted for mobile devices, but most Internet marketing dollars are still spent on advertising for traditional websites. 2Marketing will get your business ahead of the curve with advertising and promotions specifically designed for mobile users. Through mobile advertising, Toronto businesses can quickly see higher website traffic, increased conversion rates and greater brand awareness.

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2Marketing will implement mobile-friendly designs that will benefit your users

And therefore your business in a number of ways:
  • Users will enjoy browsing your website from their mobile devices. The load times will be a lot faster, resulting in lower bounce rates, and the information will be attractively displayed and easy to see without incessant scrolling and resizing.
  • Your website will be easier to navigate, with simpler menus directing users to pages that are most likely to generate high visitor-to-customer conversion rates.
  • Well-optimized websites with good mobile designs will lead to improved mobile search rankings, especially when paired with other tools like Google Maps optimization and effective social media management.


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What is different about mobile web design?

Websites designed for desktop and laptop computers can be cumbersome when viewed on a smaller screen. The content is not visible in an easily readable format and the pages can take a long time to load.

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