Our SEO Processes

As a pioneer in the field of SEO, our approach begins with search. It is our belief that the success of digital marketing is contingent on understanding three key elements:

  • How search engines operate
  • How individuals utilize search to locate information
  • Sustainable results cannot be achieved by relying on a singular tactic. SEO by itself is not the solution, and ongoing, sustainable results requires a blend of different tactics, including PPC, SEO, social media, local search, and inbound marketing, amongst many others.

By having a comprehensive understanding of how these concepts operate, we are able to devise digital marketing strategies that successfully connect businesses with the clientele they most value.

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What Our Process Entails

When you choose to work with 2Marketing, we consider you to be a partner, not just another client. It is our firm belief that your success is our success because we are not just a marketing agency that you hired, we are an extension and representation of your business.
  • Initial Consultation

    When you request a consultation with our firm, one of our experienced experts will contact you to discuss your current digital marketing efforts and to assess your website.

  • Requirements Assessment

    We will conduct a comprehensive analysis in order to gain a thorough understanding of your business, your business’s unique needs and goals, and the state of your current marketing activities.

  • Setting Goals

    We will work closely with you to create smart, sustainable digital marketing goals.

  • Business Proposal

    Our experienced, in house team will create a proposal that outlines a customized marketing strategy that will assist you in achieving your goals.

  • Signing the Agreement

    After you have reviewed our proposal and any necessary modifications have been made, we will sign an agreement.

  • Strategy Development

    Our carefully crafted team of experts will conduct a meeting to devise a customized, comprehensive marketing strategy for your business.

  • Implementation Team Kick Off

    An account manager will be assigned specifically to your account. A kick off call will be scheduled with you, the account manager, and other experts (local search, SEO, etc.) who will be involved in the implementation of your business inbound marketing strategy.

  • Analysis and Checkpoints

    Based upon detailed reports of tracking and analysis, we will pinpoint the areas we believe can be improved in order to persistently boost overall performance and return results

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